Is Your Website Outdated?

Potential clients will easily assume your business is behind the times and incapable of providing current products or services if your website looks like it has been updated in years. Take a look at these aesthetic features that were very popular in late 90’s and early 2000’s that are considered outdated (and sometimes annoying). Read more here LinkHelpers.

If your website has any of these, consider revising…

  Clip-art. You know, from that 97′ version of Microsoft Word you used…

  Scrolling Words, Sentences, Images. Almost anything moving is probably a bad idea.

  Chaotic Background. If there’s too much in the background, no one can read your content.

  Visitor Counter. These are pointless and usually tell visitors that you’ve had 48 views, not including you or your mom.

  A Guest-book. No One uses these anymore (they just don’t call it that)

  Illegible Text. If your text blends too much no one can read it.

  Auto-play Music. Give your viewers the option and time to prepare for sound.

If they don’t know what they’re buying, they’ll leave.

One easy way for a website to fall short of its purpose is to leave out pertinent information on products or services offered. Consumers are using the web to shop and do much of their research before buying. If your website doesn’t give all the details on a product, the buyer will go somewhere that does.

Provide detailed descriptions, measurements, multiple pictures and pricing options. If it’s a service you offer, explain every last detail of it and why it’s better than your competitors.

No Feedback

People Want Their Opinion Heard. You customers want to know that the product or service they’re purchasing is of quality. What better way than be showcasing positive customer reviews? Allow an area to leave feedback or reviews of a certain product. Word-of-mouth and peer opinions are becoming two extremely large factors in a buyer’s decision-making process. If your website doesn’t allow them to do this, it’s not up-to-date.

Old Content

Make Sure There’s a Reason for Them to Come Back. If you have a news section without any new or relevant news, then not only is it pointless, but it’s probably sending the wrong signal about your business. Your visitors might think your business stagnant and lacking new developments, that you don’t care about your website, that you can’t afford to update your website or don’t know how, or what’s worse – you aren’t even doing business anymore!

Keep things fresh by adding a blog to your website. A blog can be a great way to stay connected to your most loyal fans as well as make new ones. A thoughtful update every few weeks will be a great way to update your website and your visitors with new developments in your business and informative article-like musings while showing them a little personality. If you’re a dentist, offer some easy teeth whitening remedies. If you’re a yoga instructor, write about some of your favorites positions. If you’re a musician, tell a story behind a song. These things will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Be sure to add an option to subscribe to the feed and share entries on social networks and bookmarking sites.