Brochure Marketing – A Promotional Tool For All Seasons

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The brochure as a marketing tool is used primarily to create awareness about the company and its products or service. A standard tri-fold brochure designed in an attractive format and written with appealing content will always demand attention wherever it goes. Our friends from LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design Company create some tricks for this case, please check it below.

Designing a brochure however involves several aspects which need to be addressed before beginning to write or draw. How the brochure is going to be utilized and distributed and what action are readers expected to take; all these questions provide the answer to how a brochure fits into marketing strategy.

The next step in the marketing campaign

A brochure helps build on market research and analysis. A brochure can be mailed to potential customers to generate leads and prospects. Brochures also act as a complement to marketing campaigns based on high profile events like exhibitions and trade shows. Some innovations that can be included with brochures are gift coupons and certificates. Brochures come under promotional material and special discounts or freebies will provide customers more incentive to respond.

Worthwhile and cost effective

Brochures are highly cost effective in delivering information to potential customers as compared to other marketing media. An attractive and professional brochure can easily be designed using computer aided graphic tools. The expenses associated with the designing, printing and distribution are extremely low and provide good return on investment. Brochures in fact provide an excellent opportunity to be a bit more elaborate, something which would look out of place in an advertisement.

Brochures and the Internet

Online brochures which can be sent by way of emails are fast gaining popularity. With a modest budget several fledgling businesses have utilized e-brochures to reach out to a bigger audience. Online brochures can give results in a surprisingly short time frame with quick response features like registration forms and eCommerce websites.

Keep it concise

Brochure content is an important aspect along with the design. As the design is meant to attract attention, the content is written to make an appeal. Persuasive words and a conversational tone help in getting the message across to readers.

Reach out to customers

The cover should ideally have an inquiry addressing your customer’s needs. The word flow can be maintained by outlining products or service details and their benefits, concluding with a call to action phrase. The desired action could be for example to redeem a discount coupon, filling an order form, telephoning for a free initial consultation or visiting a store.

To conclude, a brochure can be designed in a multitude of attractive sizes and colors with engaging themes. A well written and designed brochure can serve as an effective and long lasting promotion tool for businesses across several industry verticals.